Are Ecigs the New Traditional Cigarette?

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Electronic Cigarette also known as an electronic vaping device or a personal vaporizer but should not get confused with the smokeless cigarettes, as this is a USB or battery-powered device that stimulates smoking of tobacco. Using a heating element or an atomizer that stimulates the liquid solution is considered safer than the traditional cigarette. Some of them contain the regular nicotine mixture with flavorings while some of them contain just flavors minus the nicotine. Some of them look just like smoking implements like the cigar or cigarette with the same method of usage while others are very different in shape.

Some of the top brands include Bull Smoke, V2, Hal0, and Green Smoke

Why should one use an E-Cigarette?

The traditional cigarette has over 4,000 hazardous chemicals while the e-cigarette has a cartridge for carrying nicotine in liquid form that get’s powered with a rechargeable battery. The user just has to puff on it and a fine heated mist get’s produced containing nicotine that gets absorbed into the lungs. They are reusable as most of them use refillable cartridges with only few of them being throw-away-products better known as disposable e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette in comparison to the traditional cigarette

According to a research people who want to cut down on their smoking or want to quit are much likely to get of this bad habit if they switch to electronic cigarette. According to the research, levels of success were found in cutting the usage of tobacco used by them.

Why is the need of E-Cigarette in the market?

In 2004 the e-cigarette entered the Chinese market thanks to the inventor named Hon Lik who invented this device in 2003. Lik worked for the Golden Dragon Holdings, who later changed their name to Ruyan, initially started exporting it in to the market by 2005-2006.  If you are sick of puffing and do not want to smell like an ashtray anymore than electronic cigarette is the greatest option for you. But, as this nicotine-infused technology is new newer brands are popping up in the market daily which makes making the choice very hard. Over time the usage and popularity of them is increasing rapidly but it is still not common for one using it and if you do then be ready for others to ask what are you doing sucking a stick with a light.

Different Types of E-Cigarette products

This depends on your wish and comfortably and of course your budget. As is there are five products to choose from. The rechargeable, the disposable, the E-go, the personal vaporizer and the electronic cigar or e-cigar as it is better known.

The advantage of using E-Cigarette

  • Compared to the traditional cigarette which does not have even one advantage the electronic cigarette has many advantages like:It does not have the distinctive odor
  • It is much cheaper than the traditional smoking
  • They are much safer as nearly 10% of deaths are caused due to cigarettes
  • They are much healthier
  • They allow you to be more social as people who restrain standing next to you while smoking will not have to go away from you.

The electronic cigarette intended to be an alternate for the traditional tobacco smoking. People who feel they cannot cut down on their smoking habit will notice a remarkable resist to tobacco and will not have to be less social.  You will also notice reduction in coughing, snoring and have less pain in your chest. You will sleep better and will have a feeling of power and control.

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